Sweet Express was founded in 2003 by Damir and Jasmin Vidinlic with only one truck to their names. Over the past 19 years, Sweet has thrived on being a family oriented business and has grown from one entity to several. Offering services in leasing, logistics, repair and sales, Sweet continues to widen our scale. Each entity within the Sweet family is designed to provide excellent shipping and trucking services to a wide variety of customers and drivers. Customer service, reliability, teamwork and being family oriented are some of the key components that make up the Sweet Family.


The Sweet Express family of companies’  Mission is to be America’s trucking solutions provider for unmatched service in dry-van shipping.  

The trucking company that does it all for our teams and partners.


Commitment to Integrity – Responsively following through with our commitments to employees, affiliates, direct customers, and brokers creating an environment of loyalty.

Second Chances – Thinking outside the box to fill business needs in unique ways.  We accept and leverage growth that comes through failure and life challenges.

People Before Profits – Doing the right thing is key to our families’ success and growth


This is all to achieve our Vision to be the premier choice for peace of mind in responsive and reliable transportation solutions. 

Built on family values, we focus on team goals that drive customer and employee loyalty.

290+ Company Drivers

500+ Trucks


Drive4Sweet requires that all vendors, suppliers, contractors, subcontractors, and their agents adhere to all local, state, and federal laws, rules and regulations including international laws and standards (collectively, Laws). Drive4Sweet is particularly concerned with adherence to those Laws pertaining to ethical business practices, the rights and welfare of the general population, the safety and welfare of workers regardless of classification, protection of the environment, and the civility of society. Business partners are expected to promptly report any actual or suspected violations of these requirements by any individual or entity acting on behalf of Drive4Sweet or one of our business partners. 

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